your wedding and looking for advice, you may come across some surprising or sometimes conflicting advice. A few myths tend to be passed around which are not necessarily true, and this can make the process unnecessarily confusing or stressful.

One thing that often gets mentioned is that if you choose to have your wedding abroad or even within the UK, the family of the couple are expected to finance the guests’ trips. This can be very off-putting and causes some couples to reject the idea of hosting their wedding where they actually want it.

However, it’s not true at all that guests would expect this. If they do, perhaps you don’t need them to attend your wedding! You will be paying for food, drinks, entertainment and venue hire, so this really is enough, whether you’re getting married in this country or elsewhere.

Costs such as accommodation, travel expenses (including plane tickets) and so on will be the responsibility of the guests, and it’s completely reasonable to assume this. If people want to accept your kind invitation and be a part of your special day, it is up to them to contribute towards the costs of their own trip, considering what they’re already getting for free.

This is especially true if you are having a destination wedding that requires travelling by plane to get there. Of course this might be costly for your guests, but in exchange they’re getting a fantastic holiday with friends and family which is partially paid for. Expecting the couple and their family to pay for other people’s plane tickets on top of everything else is quite unrealistic when you consider how fast the costs would mount up.

Never feel guilty about having your wedding where you want to have it. It’s your special day and nobody else’s except for your partner, and you will probably only get the chance once in a lifetime. Make sure you do what you want to do, and if your guests want to pay their own way to come and support you, that’s an added bonus.