The gradual and progressive easing of restrictions in the UK means that we can expect wedding receptions, with more guests and events to take place back on the calendar. Planning a wedding as we go back to the new norm can be daunting, emotional and stressful for many couples.

Rules and social distancing measures vary between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but there are many ways to host a beautiful and memorable covid safe wedding. Here are a few ideas and helpful guides to help you plan a covid safe wedding.

Outdoor venues

When the weather permits it, an outdoor summer wedding venue reduces the risk of transmission indoors by 18 times, especially with the help of natural ventilation, open-air and spacious sitting areas. The extra space will encourage groups of guests to stay within their social bubble and minimise physical contact.

Most wedding organisers will have a reliable weathering forecast system that helps determine which is the best time to host your wedding. If you’re opting for an indoor venue, ask about the ventilation system since poor ventilation can increase the risk of transmission.

Include a brief list of rules with your invitation letter

Sending a list of rules for your covid safe wedding is an efficient way to communicate with all the guests and give them an idea of what to expect. You could also send this information via email or social media if you prefer.

Physical distancing seating arrangements

It’s worth hiring a bigger venue and using extra guest tables to practice social distancing during a sit-down meal. For example, a table sitting 16 guests should only accommodate 8, and the spare seats can act as buffer zones between each person. The same method can be applied during a speech ceremony and other events.

Provide a covid-safe entertainment

When planning the entertainment schedule, make sure that you find a good balance and only include activities within the social distancing guidelines. Rather than letting the restriction hold you back, creative ideas and activities can make your wedding day both safe and unforgettable. 

Whether it’s encouraging your guest to bring custom matching face masks or providing colour coded social distancing wristbands before entering the dance floor, there are many ways to make it fun and covid safe for everyone.