An Indian bride in her traditional bridal wear and fineries is a vision to behold. A bridal trousseau is elaborate and comprises of different outfits for every ceremony. Often, there are up to five outfit changes during the course of the wedding.

Due to the cultural and religious diversity of India, the bridal wear has evolved into a fine and mesmerising blend of different elements and fabrics borrowing from every part of India. For the south Indian bride, an ensemble typically comprises of intricate Kanjeevaram silk saris draped in the traditional style with bold and elegant gold jewellery. Of all colours, red is perhaps the most preferred by newlyweds. North Indian bridal wear includes saris, ghagras, lehengas and salwars.

A lot of emphasis is placed on fabrics and heavy needlework. Rich textures, patterns and hues often combined with modern stylistic elements are much opted for today. Due to the delicate nature of the bridal wear, it is best to store it using specialist protective covers or boxes, which can also be used after the wedding as keepsake boxes providing protection from damage and ageing.

The decoration at an Indian wedding is usually a stunning array of bright colours. Most areas of the wedding can be garnished with fresh cut flowers including the mandap, reception areas, garlands and cakes. The bridal flowers can be arranged in a variety of ways to truly compliment the brides dress, adding additional flowers to the hair or jewellery. If you’re looking for luxury wedding flowers, choosing a specialist florist will allow you to create custom floral designs that will add a touch of Bollywood glamour to your big day!

Make-up plays a very important role as also the hair. Traditional Indian bridal make-up makes extensive use of eye shadows and eyeliners. Typically brighter shades of blushes and eye shadows are chosen for the special day. The hair is usually worn long in an elegant up do or with soft curls to go with the outfit. Often, beads, pearls and unique gold embellishments are used to adorn the hair. A specialised Asian or Indian wedding hair and make-up expert must also be hired for the occasion.

Jewellery is a quintessential component of a bride’s trousseau. They wear gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings with rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones to match their ensemble.

As with everything else, a bride’s unique personality should come through on her wedding day. A skilled artist will be able to create a balance between glamour, tradition and personal style to reveal the true beauty. In line with this, it is also essential to hire photographers that specialise in Indian wedding photography. They will be able to capture the unique beauty of the traditional Indian bride. Perhaps what stands out with the elegance of the ensemble is the gracefulness with which an Asian bride is able to carry it, to make her day as special and divine as can be.