When preparing for an Indian wedding, there are many things that couples need to decide on. One of the most important parts is choosing the right photographer to capture your big day’s special moments and memories. Keep in mind there are thousands of Asian wedding photographers to choose from, but how do you choose the right one? Below are some of our tips on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding day.

Look online

You can easily look for photographers online by doing a Google search. When searching for a photographer online, make sure to type in the right keywords to help you find a suitable match. For example, typing your location next to your search will help you find photographers in your local area. If you already have your wedding reception planned out, you could add your venue next to your search to see a list of photographers who have previously worked there. 

Another way to look online is by using social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Nowadays, you can find photographers through Instagram by using hashtags. Some photographers will also have a Facebook page. 


Ask around your circle of friends or colleagues for some recommendations. This is one of the easiest ways to find a photographer. If they are recommended by a friend who recently had a wedding, they are most likely a reliable photographer. Another way to find a photographer is by asking your wedding suppliers for their recommendations. Wedding suppliers will have a network of people who work in the same industry. 


When choosing the right photographer for your wedding, you may want to decide on the style of photography that suits your theme. A Hindu or Sikh types of wedding are normally bright and colourful. If you’re going to incorporate this style into your photos, you should choose a photographer who has an editing style that suits this kind of theme.  


Once you have a list of photographers online, don’t forget to look at their online portfolio. You will generally find them on their website, social media or blog. You can also request any previous photos from the photographer. Checking out their portfolio will give you a visual idea of what kind of work they have produced, showcasing their experience. 

A good portfolio should show their professionalism in photography. Furthermore, a great photographer should be able to capture the emotions during the event. 


Budgeting is an essential part of planning a wedding. Before hiring a photographer, you should list some of your favourites to contact and enquire about their packages and prices. Once you have some quotes, you can decide which photographer is best suited for your budget. It’s important to ask about the package they’re offering you for the quote, so you will know exactly what you’re paying for.