Getting married is exciting enough, but it really comes down to that moment when you arrive at the venue and you’re about to begin the ceremony. This is when the excitement really hits for most people, after the blur of the preparations and planning.

When you reach this moment, you want to do it in style and make it as memorable as possible, so it’s understandable that some people like to find a completely unique and unusual vehicle to arrive in. So what are some of the less common choices you could consider?

Extreme vintage

It’s fairly commonplace for people to choose a traditional-style wedding car to add a touch of class to their journey to the church or venue, but if you really love vintage style you might want something even more authentic and old-school. Instead of a modern vehicle that’s simply styled like an early-1900s car, don’t be afraid to spring for the real thing.

Famous classic cars

Another alternative to the same-old style of modern wedding cars is to choose an iconic vehicle from popular culture that means something to you and your partner. Something instantly recognisable from the world of movies or TV is often a great way to add a touch of fun and humour to proceedings, while being original at the same time.

Unique limousine

There are many different options available if you want to arrive in a stretch limo. Several companies offer a range of fun and bizarre options, ranging from bubblegum-pink limos to extra-long golden Hummers. Many of these may not be traditionally considered among the most tasteful choices, but the choice is yours.

Horse-drawn carriage

This is definitely a traditional option, but in modern times it’s not as common as it would have been in the past. If you aren’t fond of cars at all, it might be much more appealing for you to enjoy a ride in a wedding-themed carriage pulled by horses. This may be to get you to the ceremony, to take you away with your new spouse afterwards, or both.