Winter weddings are still a popular choice by many couples who are looking to get married. If you’re one of them, you may already have your wedding booked for this season. A winter wedding is an exciting time, and if you’re looking for ideas on what colour scheme you should choose for your wedding, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of colour schemes below that would be perfect for this kind of wedding.

Silver, Ice Blue, Frost White

The winter months are cold and can be icy or snowy at times. When we think about ice or snow, the colours blue, silver, and frost white are the type of colours that may come to mind. If you’re thinking of applying these winter elements to your wedding, this colour scheme would be the perfect match for your ideal winter wedding.

Shimmery Gold, White, Black

Winter is all about the festive season, and the colour gold is one of the primary colours used for this type of event. Using this colour with a blend of the black and white palette to your wedding can make your overall theme look classy and glamorous. If you’re after something simple yet sophisticated, these colours would be perfect for your winter wedding.

Snowy White, Red, Emerald Green

If you fancy incorporating the Christmas holiday season into your winter wedding, you can choose a palette related to this season, including a blend of white, red and emerald green. With this colour scheme, you can bring the festive season right into your wedding day. Remember, There’s nothing wrong with incorporating the essence of the Christmas holidays into your wedding.

All White

If you and your partner like to keep everything simple, opting for an all-white theme is a good call for a wedding during the wintertime. White is usually the number one choice for most weddings. You can have an all-white wedding attire and decoration to achieve this style of wedding.